ZERO SASH by AJM - Windows, doors and glass walls

Excellent design, virtually no frames, extremely large glass surface, efficient use of energy and quality, all revolutionarily integrated in a harmonious product.

Windows, doors and glass walls
Excellent design, virtually no frames, large glass surface area, efficient use of energy and quality − all revolutionarily integrated in a harmonious product.

Zero Sash Window by AJM


Excellent design, virtually no frames, large glass surface area, efficient use of energy and quality, all revolutionarily and harmoniously integrated in a product − a window opening new concepts in the design and production of builders' joinery. The traditional sash frame is replaced by uninterrupted glass surface which is 15 percent larger than in any other modern window with frames.

The indoor sides of the sash and frame are completely levelled, complementing the excellent design of the product. Upon order, the Zero Sash window can also be produced with the unlevelled sash and frame.

The sash is available in
black or white colour.
The enamelled glass edge is available
in various RAL colours.
Okno Zero Sash - Pri tem oknu šteje samo najboljše

Only the best is good enough for this window


Made with high-quality triple glazing with the heat transfer coefficient of up to Ug = 0.5 W/m2K. Furthermore, the window offers an additionallevel of safety by means of tempered inner glass.

The triple glazing is an excellent sound and thermal insulation system providing high energy efficiency. For this reason, the entire structure, including the frame, can achieve the thermal insulation rate (Uw) as high as 0.8W/m2K which significantly exceeds the low-energy and passive construction requirements.

The outdoor blinds make room for additional energy savings and light regulation possibilities. The Zero Sash can be used with any modern outdoor blinds. Additionally, the light intensity can be regulated by the installed indoor blinds.


A window integrating high quality
with precision of manufacture.

The window sash is made either of the finest larch or spruce wood treated by the latest technological processes and finished in high-quality environment-friendly coatings, or top-quality 6-chamber PVC profiles. The Zero Sash windows are extremely stable owing to the 68-milimetre frame thickness which is extended to the 80-milimetres in windows with levelled sashes and frames. The outdoor-mounted aluminium protection shield is installed serially with any window frame material.
The aluminium shield provides extra protection, additionally expanding the frame to the reliable 78 mm, or 90 mm in the levelled sash and frame windows. The finest metal fittings of the renowned Siegenia brand allow long for endurance and excellent anti-burglary protection. Their concealed position allows dynamic window operation and exquisite design of the Zero Sash windows.
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava
Okno Zero Sash - Natančna izdelava

The Zero Sash door


Although it may sound like a cliché or unnecessary repetition, it is a fact that both Zero Sash windows as well as Zero Sash front doors are distinguished by clean lines, large glass surfaces, energy efficiency, high-quality materials, technological perfection and the precision of manufacture.
Vrata Zero SASH
Vrata Zero SASH

Designed for individualists

For those who know exactly what they want in life and do not hesitate to get it. This is exactly what the Zero Sash doors are all about as they are clear, uncompromising and unique.

Made entirely of 6-mm tempered glass

Their unique nature is reflected in the frame made exclusively of tempered glass. For safety and protection, an aluminium rain-protection profile in the colour of stainless steel can be installed at the external side.

Vrata Zero SASH
Vrata Zero SASH
Vrata Zero SASH
Vrata Zero SASH

Efficiency and quality


On both sides, the door panel is covered in tempered glass and levelled with the frame (the Flat version). Different combinations of side elements and fanlights are available. The doors are suitable for energy-efficient buildings as they provide a heat transfer coefficient (Ud) of up to 0.85 W/m²K.

The control system is fundamentally automatic; the locking system combines an electric motor and a fingerprint sensor. The concealed Siegenia metal fittings allow smooth operation. The door panel frame is fully protected by means of cover battens reflecting the product’s aesthetic and technical perfection.

The product can be customised through a range of glass patterns and accessories including exclusive handles, pull rods, knobs and several types of automated control mechanisms.

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Zero Sash glass walls by AJM


Zero Sash glass walls uniquely connect the interior with the outside world. They feature large, virtually uninterrupted glass surfaces, and will enhance your living space with elegance and modern appearance.

Wooden substructure


The glass surfaces are fitted onto a solid wooden substructure. As a result, the Zero Sash glass wall radiates the elegance of glass from the outside, and softness and warmth from the inside. To make the wooden substructure, we use high-quality larch and spruce wood which was carefully treated with effective health- and eco-friendly coatings.
Steklena Stena Zero Sash - Lesena podkonstrukcija

A new generation of conservatories


All surfaces of the Zero Sash glass wall are levelled (Flat version) and a thin layer of grouting compound is used at the joints, which results in a virtually perfect transparency. Only top-quality 6-mm tempered glass is used for the wall. The glass façade from AJM’s Zero Sash line is very solid and features excellent sound insulation properties.

The shades from our line allow light regulation and the desired level of intimacy in the room.

The wall can be integrated with Zero Sash windows or any AJM products made either exclusively of wood or a combination of wood and aluminium.

The Zero Sash wall is an excellent choice for glazing conservatories, hallways, extensions and staircases.
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Our story


The company AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o. is the biggest manufacturer of builders’ joinery in Slovenia. Our product range comprises windows, entrance doors and blinds. The windows and entrance doors are made from either PVC, wood or aluminium.

We are a family-run company that was founded in 1990. The company is run by the second generation of the founder's family, Janez Ajlec, who started the story with eight employees. Today, the company employs over 200 employees who perform their work with precision and dedication. AJM is focused on the development of innovative, energy efficient windows and doors. Our leading export markets are Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Russia and Croatia.

AJM is recognised, both at home and abroad, as a company with tradition, as well as high-quality and innovative products. Learn more about AJM and our product range on our website


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